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PlayStation is home to adventure and innovation. Every week, millions of people experience the extraordinary through us, playing solo or together through a best-in-class online network. Our devotion to play has made PlayStation a global market leader in interactive entertainment. Our eyes are always on the future.

So where do you want to take us next?

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Build Your World

You bring the talent, and we’ll provide support teams, comprehensive testing systems, and access to a thriving community of developers like yourself.

Go to Market

Get the word out using our marketing channels to amplify your voice. Select titles also enjoy integrated campaigns, digital advertising, CRM, and social media.

Self-Publish on Store

Put your game in front of millions of players without any listing fees. You own the IP and pick the release date. Then use our sales reports to track your revenue. (All the applications are subject to acceptance of our development and publishing terms.)


We want new voices, new ideas, and new experiences from the entire spectrum of the industry.
  • Game Developers

    Small start-ups to global game studios, ready-to-play or just a high-concept pitch, we’re interested. And we’ll support you through development.

  • Game Publishers

    Whether you’re an organization or an individual, we’ll take the digital content you’re managing and help it find the right audience.

  • Tools and Middleware

    If you made something useful – or want to – there’s a license program for that. We can help get your tools into game developers’ hands.

  • Academia

    We work with universities to foster the next generation of creators, helping them get hands-on time with tools, hardware, and SDKs.