Build NFT games, apps, and websites

Versatile SDKs, a robust API, and development tools to help you create NFT-powered projects—no blockchain coding experience required.

Integrated Ecosystem

Great UX for you—and your users

A visual interface to help you create blockchain assets. Robust development tools to help you integrate them. A user-first wallet and next-gen marketplace that work in tandem to make managing and trading NFTs easy for your users.

We’ve removed the complexity so you can do what you do best: build.

Explore the NFT Frontier

Integrate powerful,

versatile digital assets

Unlike traditional digital items stored on centralized servers, the decentralized nature of NFTs unlocks new monetization methods, innovative marketing tactics,

Non-fungible tokens


NFTs exist on the blockchain—a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger with a verifiable history.


Individuals have exclusive ownership to access, use, and trade their NFTs.


You can easily make NFTs usable in multiple digital products operated by different companies.


When you create an NFT, you can set a trading fee and earn a percentage from every future sale.


You can send free NFTs via QR codes to grow your audience, even before you launch your product.

Real-World Value

NFTs created with our tools are unique: they're infused with Enjin Coin (ENJ), and can be melted back into it.

Get started with Blockchain

Install the wallet

The Enjin Wallet is the portal to our ecosystem. You’ll need it create blockchain projects, and approve and automate transactions.

Get a Platform account

The Platform is where you’ll access your API key, along with a visual interface to create and manage both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Integrate via API

Use a powerful GraphQL-based API to integrate NFTs with your game, app, or website.